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As summer in Atlanta continues to heat up with temperatures in the 90s, students are beating the heat with fabulous summer trends. We could talk about the tanks or the high-low skirts, or about the ever-casual Nike shorts, endearingly referred to as Norts. However, the Chaco movement is one worth discussing before they disappear, along with the hot temperatures, into the back of every owner’s closet for winter storage.

Chacos are the perfect combination of flip-flops and structured shoe, with their arch support and straps that keep the foot locked into place. They merge sporty and trendy and offer a perfect alternative for tennis shoe, whether the wearer wants to hike the Appalachians or merely venture across campus. 

They are the PERFECT shoe to wear while shooting the hooch (taking a wonderfully lazy tube ride down the Chattahoochee River) because they don’t threaten to fall off into the water and are designed for outdoorsy purposes (see Abi and Valerie below!).

Valerie, third from the left pictured above, says Chacos fit her lifestyle perfectly.  

“I’m from a small island in South Georgia, and my world revolved around the water, whether it’s kayaking on the river, swimming in the ocean, fishing, or sailing on my high school sailing team. I bought my Chacos for sailing and they quickly became a wardrobe staple for my outdoorsy lifestyle. I chose Chacos in particular because of their durability and support. Also, a Chaco tan is also pretty fun! Chaco haters just don’t get it. Maybe it’s a southern thing. Maybe you need to go exploring a little more. But don’t hate them till you try them!”

Chacos provide comfortable and effortless style, and these lovely ladies definitely have it figured out. A Braves game, where there is a great chance you’ll be on your feet for a good while between the tailgate, the exhilarating game and the celebrations to follow, is a fantastic place to sport your favorite pair of Chacos!


Carolyn, shown below on a zipline in Mexico, swears by her Chacos.

“Chacos are a durable, yet comfortable shoe for people with an active lifestyle. I have been wearing Chacos for many years and they continue to be a shoe I can LIVE in. I chose the Chaco brand specifically because they’re cute (in my opinion), but also because they last forever. I grew up on the water and my Chacos allowed me to kayak, walk on the bottom of the lake, and have great grip to hike. They have the comfort of a sandal and the grip of a tennis shoe, which make them a perfect shoe to transition from land to water and back. Chacos allow me to do everything I want. Even if I’m not planning on an adventure that day, Chacos are a comfy go-to shoe to simply walk around campus. To all the Chaco haters out there, go climb a tree.”

Across campus students are rocking this trend with phenomenal class! Keep an eye out for brightly colored styles, and if you aren’t already a believer, you might want to find out what all the rage is about and hop on this fashion band wagon. Whether your toes are perfectly pedicured or you boast an awesomely obnoxious Chaco tan line, these shoes will get you where you need to go in style.


  Just be warned: they definitely produce some very distinct tanlines!!

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