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Three Fashion Bloggers’ Star Puppies

Everyone loves Puppies on the Porch. Especially when all those sweet, adorable puppies come to Emory’s campus during finals week. Just the sight of a dog’s face instantly eases all of our stress and makes us forget about our exams. We want to snuggle up with those adorable animals and leave our studies behind. Dogs tend to steal the spotlight when spotted, and this has been happening in the fashion community as well, as dogs have stolen the attention away from their owners. When traveling or during photo-shoots, fashion bloggers make sure the world knows just how lovely their furry friends truly are.

1.     Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad

An obvious first choice, who could ever forget the adorable Matilda who has been famous for quite a few years now. With Chiara always traveling so much (I see a different #TheBlondeSaladGoesTo[insert name of city here] like every other day on Instagram) I always wonder who’s caring for Matilda or if she’s traveling with Chiara, then I see a picture like the one below and instantly want more Matilda pictures! Chiara fittingly captioned her post: Reunited with the baby #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops.

Matilda is understanding and supportive of Chiara’s career, she even poses accordingly in pictures, like here where she’s showing off her toned legs while at the same time directing your attention towards Chiara’s Giuseppe Zanotti glitter boots.

2.     Jane Aldridge of The Sea of Shoes

Dallas’ Jane Aldridge keeps us up to date with her gasp-worthy shoe collection (her clothes/bags/jewelry/hair/everything about her is also amazing too) and occasionally we get to see a cute picture of her Chihuahua named Kim. Kim is such a star herself that she had her own personal invitation waiting for her when she arrived at the W Hotel in Austin with Jane.

And in this picture we can’t help but notice the adorable Kim sitting in Jane’s lap even as she shows off her mid-calf buckled Giuseppe Zanotti boots.

3.     Kelly Framel of The Glamourai

Kelly’s little dog Bunny has the cutest ears that are quite famous themselves. Bunny even made it into the Framel family’s Christmas card that was styled by Ralph Lauren. The glamour girl was the star of the shoot in her Ralph Lauren finest, a blue cable sweater, and she kept her model girl serious look throughout the shoot, even during the clique “funny face” shot.


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