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Tattoos as a Fashion Statement

Getting a tattoo is highly controversial. Teens countdown the day til their 18th bday, when they can legally get a tattoo without their parents consent (regardless of if you get one, it’s still cool to say you can). Parents hopelessly give the “you will regret it” lecture, while the kids stick it to Drake: YOLO. Sorry mom. People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons. Whether it’s a drunken mistake, an attempt at teenage rebellion, or a declaration of individualism, they are a trend that is only growing. 

Tattoos tie into a person’s whole “look,” serving a similar purpose to the new top you just bought or that gold eye shadow you wear every day. Even better than these temporary things, tattoos are a permanent accessory. They are visually appealing, can have meaning and can tell us something about the person who has them. Tattoos have evolved into something more than ink on our skin; they have become a fashion statement. 

Some of the most popular celebs are sporting this trend. Biebs has taken the trend to the extreme with his sleeve filled with tattoos of all sorts. One of my faves is his mom’s eye tattooed on the inside of his arm. It’s a bit creepy but cool and shows he’s a mama’s boy with a bad side. 

Another one of his fashionable tattoos is the crown on his chest. Though this one most likely has no meaning, it is an interesting design and he rocks it. 

Miley Cyrus used her favorite emoji for her tattoo design. Thinking this one was maybe a drunken mistake, but nonetheless the cat emoji is a crowd pleaser. 

This tattoo is of the three dates that the person beat cancer (def more meaningful than a cat emoji). This girl now has a constant reminder of her strength depicted in an artistic way. 

When models have tattoos, you know that they’re fashionable. Cara Delevingne shows off an intricate lion on her knuckle. 

In the spring 2011 Louis Vuitton runway show, the men were tattooed with temporary Louis Vuitton logos.

So the next time your mom gives the “you will regret it” lecture, tell her it’s part of your style. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 

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