Sustainable Food Fair on October 4: Fresh Food, Educational Information, and Free Samples!

Are you tired of the DUC?  Do you like free food?  Are you all about fresh, sustainable, and local food?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to check out Emory’s Sustainable Food Fair at Cox Hall Bridge on Friday, October 4.

Thirty vendors will be offering sustainable food for you to enjoy, and the best part is the majority of them will offer free samples!  Add on the fact that local favorites like Yeah! Burger, Nectar, Blue Donkey Iced Coffee, and Chipotle will be there, and nothing can get in the way of this delicious afternoon. 

In addition to the food sampling, the fair also provides educational information about sustainable food. Students enrolled in Anthropology 386 planned the Fair, and decided what information is best to provide to the Emory students.

“The fair gives Emory students the chance to deeper their understandings of sustainable food, learn about the Atlanta food scene, and expand their understanding about sustainability and food,” says Ali Warrack, a sophomore who has been helping organize the food fair.

Because of the Food Fair’s emphasis on education, a part of the budget is provided by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  Emory Dining and the Office of Sustainability Initiatives are also supporting the fair.  

From my own experience, I went last year and had a great time.  So grab a friend, leave your dorm room, and take a walk through the fair.  Your stomach will certainly thank you!