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Street Style Spotlight: Aimee Song

With fall weather just around the corner, I’ve been looking to several blogs for inspiration for some new fall fashion ideas. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Aimee Song is an interior designer by trade and fashion blogger on the side. This style guru is invited to all of the major shows at various fashion weeks every year, and I frequently read her blog, Song of Style, to keep up with her latest fashion antics. My favorite thing about Aimee’s blog are the daring looks that she puts together. Unlike a carefully curated blog, which features calculated outfits, Aimee’s blog gives a fresh perspective on how to incorporate bold looks into your daily uniform. Here’s a roundup of my three favorite fall-appropriate looks featured on her blog that are sure to inspire you to spice up your fashion game this season.

Printed Jeans may seem like something that’s difficult to pull off, but with the right shoes and accessories they’re actually an easy way to spice up your wardrobe. Her white top complements the print of the jeans without feeling too matchy-matchy, and the gold jewelry is minimalistic, allowing her pants to take the main focus. While Aimee generally favors heels in most of her posts, I, for one, am not a large proponent of wearing stilettos to Calc class so I would swap them for something like leather espadrilles to keep the relaxed vibe going. 

Boyfriend jeans can be super hit-or-miss, but the deciding factor is usually the fit. The jeans can work in pretty much any shade (except acid wash…don’t go there) and are so much more comfortable than your standard skinny jeans. Aimee’s pair is on the looser side but the tapered ankle keeps chic, not sloppy. When paired with a relaxed t-shirt, but fitted, t-shirt, and a structured jacket, they’re the perfect way to look put together but still feeling comfortable throughout the day.

Palazzo pants are one of those things that you might think belong in the 70s, but when done right, they’re surprisingly chic – and they feel like pajamas, need I say more?  The trick is finding a pretty print without being too overwhelming or bohemian. Aimee’s watercolor pair strike the perfect balance, and since the detail is towards the bottom, they elongate her legs and are quite flattering. Pair them with a simple shirt that’s both relaxed and fitted and you’ll hardly feel like you had to get changed in the morning. It’s that easy.

Check out more of Aimee’s killer street style at: www.songofstyle.com

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