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Stephen Leech ’13 and Michael Goldberg ’13, Founders of the Skeleton Standard

We’ve all seen the posters advertising the Skeleton Standard, a new blog on the Emory scene, so HerCampus decided to sit down with co-founders Stephen Leech and Michael Goldberg to see what it’s all about.

Her Campus Emory (HCE): Tell me a little about Standard Skeleton.
SS: Skeleton Standard is Emory’s Unofficial Student Blog.  We aim to write about discussion-worthy happenings on Emory’s campus, the greater Atlanta area, and the world at-large.
HCE: Why did you start it?  
SS: We started the Skeleton Standard because we felt that although there are various ways for students to express themselves on campus, there was room for a wider range of student interests and activities to be covered and discussed. We wanted to create a forum for students to discuss all things Emory, but to make the conversation detailed, productive, fair, and far-reaching. In other words, everything that CollegeACB could never be.
HCE: What do you want to see Standard Skeleton do in the Emory Community? 
SS: Skeleton Standard is meant to be the unofficial student voice for our university.  We are attempting to become a staple of the Emory Community, by writing pieces that are interesting, helpful, and enjoyable to read.  We hope that students will enjoy reading our blog, and will look to Skeleton Standard for important analysis of events that relate to our campus and community as a whole.
HCE: You’ve published a range of posts, from reviewing Freshman SongFest to memories of 9/11. What are you planning to focus on this semester?
SS: We don’t have a specific focus, per se. Our goal is to engage the Emory community thoughtfully, while also giving our writers a lot of latitude in what topics they choose to address.  The talented group of writers we are assembling will bring a wide range of different perspectives on issues and events to campus this semester. Some of these will probably include columns about campus events, general advice columns, features of Emory students and faculty, and weekly Atlanta event previews.
HCE: Favorite thing about blogging.  
MG: I love having the power to write what I want and seeing people react to it.
SL: I love the challenge of introducing new thoughts to the campus. I thoroughly enjoy subjecting my ideas to scrutiny by others. I believe that putting new ideas out into the open, whether ultimately right or wrong, could create a better campus, but definitely will make me a better thinker.
HCE: Are you looking for more writers? If so, how can people get involved?
SS: We are always looking for talented people to join the Skeleton Standard. Not only writers, but anyone familiar with HTML, graphic design, or a general interest in blogging is welcome to work with us as well. Feel free to LL either one of us or shoot an email to info@skeletonstandard.com and we’ll go from there.
HCE: Do you think Skeleton Standard will continue after you graduate?
SS: Yes, of course. We’re starting this blog now with the hope that the blog will mirror its namesake Lord Dooley, and become a important part of campus discussion long after we are gone, and hopefully forever.

Originally a New Jersey native, Emily now calls London, England home. She is a Creative Writing/English major and is a rowing, Grey's Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars enthusiast. 
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