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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

It’s almost the most dreaded time of the semester: finals. And with these glorious end of the year examinations comes the time to pack up your dorm room and head back home for the summer. If you’re like me, and you live on the opposite side of the country, you definitely don’t want to schlep all of the stuff you’ve accumulated this semester back home. So instead of paying to store items that you don’t want anymore, combine the packing process with a little spring cleaning. Here are a few tips to help you decide which items to keep or toss. 


Keep your favorite clothes, items that are still in style, and things with sentimental value. Don’t give away those trendy slip-on sneakers or crop-tops just yet, you’ll be needing them next fall. 

Toss any items with irreparable damage such as broken zippers, or tears. If you’re really attached to the item, head to a dry cleaner ASAP to see if they can fix the item. 


Donate or Sell items that you don’t wear or one’s with minor damage such as a small stain. During finals, Emory will have donation bins placed around campus so that you can put your unwanted items to good use. There are also several consignment and thrift stores in Atlanta where you can sell your old clothes for some extra cash. 

Store seasonal items such as heavy winter coats, wool sweaters, and corduroy jeans. Chances are you’re going somewhere with a warm climate and you won’t be needing these bulky items back home. However, be sure to pack a few pairs of leggings and jeans for home just in case the temperature unexpectedly drops.



Invest in space bags or other similar products which allow you to condense all of your clothing into airtight bags. Since almost all storage units charge you for the amount of boxes you store, not their weight, you can maximize the amount of items that fit in each box and minimize your bill. 

Pack most of your summer clothing and anything sentimental that you couldn’t bear to lose. If like me you’re heading back to California, you’re definitely going to want all of your favorite shorts and sundresses for the summer. 


Tips for next year: another way that you can cut down on the size of your closet is to turn your hangers backwards at the beginning of next year and then turn them back as you wear the item. At the end of each semester, donate any items whose hangers haven’t been turned (unless the season for that item hasn’t come yet). Another trick is to keep all tags on your clothes after you buy them. If you haven’t worn the item by the time the return policy is almost up, you can return your item for a refund, and use the money to buy another piece of clothing you’ve been coveting. 

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