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Spring Break Swimsuit Styles

As February comes to an end, I know what we’re all looking forward to…Spring Break 2012! A time for the pool, beach, sunny days, and relaxation is almost here. Still haven’t bought your cute new swimsuit? Update your look with these fashionable swimsuits and you’ll be ready to hit the pool or beach and enjoy your spring break!
Heading to the Caribbean to ride some waves? Check out www.roxy.com for some stylish surf wear, as well as colorful bikinis and interesting monokinis. There are so many styles to mix and match, and the patterns are very feminine. In addition to being stylish, they’re practical for all your water sports events.   

Sportier styles are also popular, coming in neon block colors with thick black lines that will truly make you stand out. Check out the great suits on the Nike website and see their various options, from bikinis to tankinis, to the cutout, one-piece swimsuits. Nike Cut-Out Labyrinth Print Women’s swimsuit is an interesting piece because of its creative graphic design, sleek look and open back, but there are many more to choose from. Maybe Nike is not your first stop for swimsuit shopping, but it’s worth a look this season!

Looking for something really different and prepared to spend a little more on shipping? Then go online to www.thegrandsocial.com for some bold pieces directly from Australia (my friend down there recommended it to me, and the pieces are fabulous!). You can see the “New Deco” full piece by Romance Was Born amongst many other designer pieces. Warning: Everything is in Australian dollars! The conversion to US dollars is a little cheaper, which is a plus!

If you like to try on before you buy, then head on over to H&M for some more affordable bathing suits. At $4.95 per piece, you can mix and match bikini tops and bottoms to create a different look every day.  You can even try layering prints over solid colors for some extra coverage and a personalized look.

So get ready to pack your new swimsuit for spring break and prepare to look amazing by the water!

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