So Your Hookup is in Your PACE Class… 

We’ve all lived through Orientation week. We toasted our futures at Emory with lukewarm bottles of Coke, explored campus and of course, lost our Mags virginity. A select few have taken these first-week traditions a step further, making the rest of their first semester an endless series of awkward hellos and uncomfortable glances within PACE classrooms. In your first week at Emory, aside from your roommate, your OL group is among the first “friendships” you make. So really, no one can blame you when you spot that cute boy you sat next to during the Coke Toast across the crowded room in Mags. 

Emboldened by the White Claw you and your friends shared and the sight of a familiar face, you made your way through the sweaty bodies and struck up a conversation. The rest was history. Until, of course, the next morning when you woke up and realized that the boy you locked lips with last night has now become a little too familiar face you sit behind in your PACE class. While the thoughts racing through your head might be ranging anywhere from “I am never going back to PACE again!” to “Why did I even choose Emory?” rest assured, it’s going to be okay. 

The solution is not to drop out of college, fail the first-year requirement or commit social suicide. Instead, try these time-tested solutions that are sure to help you survive your first semester at Emory. 

1. Have No Shame!

Whether it was a drunken mistake or a deliberate action, we do not stan regrets. I’m not suggesting you broadcast your dirty (or not so dirty) deeds to the entire freshmen class, but you should not let your actions drag you down. Be confident in yourself and keep in mind, everyone has been there. No one has a perfect track record and this is what college is for. Now’s the time to go crazy, go stupid and explore your options. 

2. Create Your Own Opportunities

It is completely up to you whether or not you want to start a friendship, pretend it never happened or try for round two. Obviously it will require some conversation with your potential boy toy, but don’t let anyone tell you what the right decision is. You! Do! You! 

3. Focus on Yourself

PACE is all about getting adjusted to the college experience and discovering what resources are available to you. Maybe this is an opportunity to take some time for yourself. Figure out whether or not the hookup lifestyle is for you. It may not be for everyone and there’s no time like week one to determine this. 

4. Worst Case Scenario, Add/Drop/Swap

If you made your error early enough in the semester, we can thank Emory and Add/Drop/Swap for being able to get you out of it. We know you’ll miss the people you created a treasured bond with during Convocation but maybe a new PACE class is the place for you. 

PACE is an experience that every freshman must live through. Honestly, a hookup could be the entertainment you’ve been waiting for to enrich the rest of your semester. Or, it could be the eye-opening experience you needed to tell you that hookups are not for you (which is completely ok!). Whether you’ve hooked up with someone in your PACE class, or any class for that matter, or not, hookups can be fun and allow you to let loose. Though, to all my ladies who have yet to experience the joys of hooking up with someone in your PACE class, I have one word of advice: Please Avoid Classmate Endeavors (PACE) ;)