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Simplify Your Online Shopping!

We may be divided between #TeamNancy and #TeamGary, but Emory students collectively agree that getting a DUC package alert email wins.

I’ve always loved online shopping, but since coming to college, my love has grown as the space in my tiny dorm closet has shrunk. There’s so much to love: The email! New clothes! Cool shoes! The process is so enticing and incredibly hard to resist every item I scroll past.

But, as all avid shoppers know, it’s easy to watch your shopping cart add up. Between shipping and taxes, a simple shirt can give you buyer’s remorse before you’ve even clicked “confirm” on your order. Fear not—you can still have that joy of trying on your new clothes in front of your roommate while still not blowing through the bank.

These sites will help make your package center alerts worth a “THANK YOU ???????” response.

6pm: We’ve all heard of overstock.com and other clearance based websites, but 6pm.com takes the cake for outlet fashion shopping. Their stock is as expansive as Zappos.com, but discounted so much you’ll be convinced this is a scam. (Don’t worry, this site has been fully “tested” by me prior to writing). Good tip – check out the amazing Free People supply! 

Best For: Out of season styles, like shorts or jackets.                                                                                      

HauteLook: HauteLook combines the best of both worlds for savvy shoppers. Besides daily flash deals, Nordstroms Rack recently became affiliated with the website. After checking out the events of the day in Women, Beauty, and Home, click to see what’s new in the Rack. In the past, I’ve had major success with Steve Madden shoes, Wildfox shirts, and Free People jeans.

Best For: Casual clothes, beauty, shoes, and jackets.

Gilt: Gilt is another world of shoppers habitually free at the hours of 12pm and 9pm. As a first come first serve site, you need to be prepared if you want to score the daily sales. Gilt doesn’t stop at clothes, shoes, and accessories: they’ve expanded to include travel offers and local city deals on everything from fitness classes to facials. 

Best For: Designer clothes, handbags, shoes, and local deals. 




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