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Should You Improve or Accept Yourself?

My entire life I have always lived by the philosophy that if you CAN do better, you SHOULD do better. I believed that growth was this eternal concept and that there was always room for improvement. Although self-improvement is an excellent tool and way of life, it’s something that can be utilized incorrectly if you take it to extremes.


Like if you’re trying to strive for unattainable perfection


Or when you assume there’s something inherently broken in yourself


Or when you don’t make a realistic distinction between what you can and can’t control

I was under the impression that any form of self-acceptance was a parallel to laziness or complacency and that if I wasn’t growing I was being stagnant. But self acceptance is just having that distinction between the things you can and cannot control and really accepting what you can’t. It’s about loving the flaws that make you unique and being okay with where you are in the process of growth. Nobody’s perfect, so be proud of yourself every once in a while!

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