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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

As a kid, Halloween didn’t use to be so rough. You’d spend all of your time thinking about the ONE outfit that would make all the kids on the block jealous as you’d trick or treat. Sadly, things have changed since then…. College during Halloween feels like it lasts a full week with different themed events happening almost every night. BIG OOF! Yet this shouldn’t hold you back from going all out every night. If you’re going to be reckless on Halloweekend you might as well look good doing it. Your first instinct is to say “Wow I legitimately have NOTHING to wear” Throw that stress out the window because I’m here to tell you how I learned from my mistakes Freshman year. Don’t go to the store and waste bulk amounts of money on Halloween clothes that you should be putting towards your daily original blend iced Blue Donkey coffee (which probably won’t have you feeling too good after). Here are some tips and tricks to survive the week. 

Step 1. Keep it Simple

Since Halloween falls on a Thursday this year save your best outfit for then. In the meantime keep it simple. This will not only save you a lot of money, but you can easily put together a cute look with minimal effort. As basic as it will always be, random accessories like bunny ears, wigs, cat ears, or a random lifeguard whistle will do for the days leading up. Don’t spend your time investing in full costume looks when you don’t have time for that since your Psych midterm is next week. 

Step 2: Dress in What Makes you FEEL GOOD

As our Lord and Savior (I’m kidding) Regina George once said, “Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” After my first Halloweekend Freshman year came to a close this was definitely the reality. So if you wanna dress sexy, dress sexy and strut. BUT! And this is a huge BUT. You don’t have to wear a slutty costume to have fun. No shame in throwing a bedsheet over your body with a pair of sunnies. If you want to dress to impress do it your way! Have Fun!

Step 3: Switch Costumes With Your Friends!

This is a huge time and money saver and honestly my favorite tip of all! This is the one season where the phrase “Ugh but everyone’s already seen you wear that!” should be thrown out the window. If your friend dressed as sexy Batwoman on Wednesday, you wear it on Friday. At crowded parties, everyone is usually too drunk to even remember who wore what when so might as well save yourself some effort. 

Step 4: Pictures….

No matter where you and your buds go, every place is going to be crowded. The likelihood of everyone getting drunkenly separated by the end of the night is EXTREMELY HIGH. This is why I recommend getting a close group of buds together before for some pictures while your look is still put together and props aren’t flying. 


But stay safe out there cowboy!

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