Sara Kotcher, Food Blogger!

Meet senior and food blog aficionado, Sara Kotcher!


Her Campus Emory (HCE): How did you get started with your food blog?

Sara Kotcher (SK): When I studied abroad, I wanted a way to document everything I was eating/doing and I was taking a million pictures a day. It seemed like the best way to keep track of it all!


HCE: What's the most exciting part about running your blog?

SK: Eating the things I post.


Here is a picture from Sara's blog!


HCE: Do you cook your own food or is most of the content from restaurants?

SK: I have zero aspirations to be a cook. Everything I post is from restaurants.


HCE: What are some of your favorite meals/restaurants?

SK: Anything Italian, good barbecue, any pasta dish. I have a list of 150 restaurants in Atlanta and can’t choose just one, but my favorite restaurant would have to be St. Cecilia.


HCE: Do you have any advice for someone who wishes to start their own food blog?

SK: It’s literally the easiest thing and anyone can do it.


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