Reasons to Be Thankful For Dogs this Holiday Season

Humans are great and all, but every dog person has a special place in their heart for their furry best friend. From being our living blankets to providing companionship, to just putting a smile on our faces, here are 5 reasons to be thankful for dogs this upcoming holiday season.

1. A personal snuggle buddy

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It’s impossible to not be cozy while cuddling with a furry, living teddy bear. Plus, petting them takes all our worries away. Time to snuggle up!

2. Two-in-one garbage can and vacuum cleaner

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When we have a dog, we never have to worry about wasting that piece of chicken we couldn’t finish or picking up the food we dropped under the table. Our living furry garbage can will be ecstatic to finish off our leftovers, and definitely won’t complain about helping us clean food off the floor.

3. Always happy to see you

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No matter if we’ve been away from home for months or just for an hour, there’s no better feeling than being greeted at the door by a fluffy, tail-wagging ball of energy. Even if they were taking the best nap in the world or were busy chewing on a toy, dogs will drop everything to give us an enthusiastic, warm welcome.

4. Loyal companion

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Dogs always have our backs, no matter what. They won’t interrogate us about our future over a Thanksgiving meal. They keep us company on car rides, on walks, while we’re doing work and while we’re watching TV. They’ll listen to anything we have to say, and even though they can’t talk, we know they’re always on our side of the situation. They somehow know when we’re feeling down, and know exactly how to cheer us up.

It is hard to resist dogs that can be this cute and affectionate. Just look at them! Our dogs can do no wrong. The most loving, adorable, playful creatures on Earth, dogs really are a girl’s best friend. Even if you do not have a dog, I'd hope after reading this you try and find someones dog to spend some time with during the holidays!