Rating Netflix Shows I Watch When I Should Be Studying


    Procrastination comes in many forms, and Netflix binging just might be my personal favorite. When it comes to online school, I find the choice between the Canvas bookmark and Netflix bookmark on Chrome to be more and more difficult as the weeks go on. I’ll admit though, my taste in shows is kinda all over the map, so I thought I’d compile a list for anyone looking to have absolutely no harmony between their television choices whatsoever. 


Avatar: The Last Airbender: 10/10

A complete classic. If you’ve watched this as a kid or as an adult and understood the nuance, I guarantee we could be friends. Since it came onto Netflix it's been getting the praise and attention it deserves. The animation is amazing and the material is light yet still substantive. I have probably watched the whole series 10 or so times, and each time I get something new out of it. Cheesy, I know, but seriously if you need a complete break from heavy readings or homework, this is an excellent choice. 


The Legend of Korra: 7/10

This series gets major points for the continuation of the Avatar universe and female protagonist, Korra, but I find it lacks that special something ATLA had. The story and conflicts are definitely more adult than ATLA, but the humor keeps things fun. I connected less with the characters in LOK, but the story keeps you engaged throughout. I do wish there was more continuity between the conflicts in each season though.


The Great British Baking Show: 9/10

If you love cooking or baking competitions but get anxious by all the tension and competition, GBBS is for you. Each season the bakers are kind and likable, and never hesitate to help their fellow bakers. While they are all competing each week, the bakers never seem to take it out on each other. All of the yummy and impressive bakes are definitely my favorite part. It can get a little dull, especially if you aren't into baking, but there's something so strangely addicting about this show. 


The Royal House of Windsor: 7/10

This docu-series gives a deep dive into the British royal family since the start of the 20th century till the present. I found it incredibly interesting, though that might be the history major in me talking. Regardless, I think many people have an interest in the royal family and this series gives a bunch of really fascinating background information of them. But it can get a little boring and circles back to the same stories often. 


The Innocence Files: 9/10

If you love true crime shows and documentaries, I highly recommend you watch this for the other side of the story. TIF covers stories of convicted murderers who were later found to be innocent of their accused crimes through new evidence, resources, or techniques. The stories can be pretty heavy and heart-wrenching, but the freeing of the innocent usually makes up for it in the end. 


Conspiracies: 6/10

I  consider myself to be a pretty cynical and suspicious person, but conspiracy theories usually aren’t my thing. This series drew me in regardless, but the coverage of multiple events per episode made it come off as a little jumbled and frantic to me. They do provide some pretty interesting evidence for the theories and bring in some lesser known events which I liked learning about. 


Ratched: 8/10

This is probably the most binge-worthy show on this list because almost every episode ends with a cliffhanger. The story is fascinating, but very dark and gruesome, so it can be hard to watch in some spots. If you like psychological thrillers, this is a great pick and Sarah Paulson as Mildred Ratched is amazing. 


    So as you can see, I watch a lot of Netflix shows that almost never relate to one another. Of course too much Netflix is clearly a bad thing, it can also be a great way to give yourself a well-needed mental break. When I am feeling overwhelmed, nothing is more relaxing than some Netflix in bed. Go easy on yourself, and maybe watch some of these shows while you do it.