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The Only Drinking Game You Need for the Republican Presidential Debate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

What are you doing on October 28th at 8:00pm? Nothing? Perfect! Tune into CNBC to check out the Republican Debate. The last two were very entertaining—it’s clear all of the candidates have plenty to say! Since its very likely that these things will be said multiple times, a drink is a gulp of beer or sip of wine or liquor for those 21 or older. For those who haven’t hit that milestone yet, you can have plenty of fun playing with soda or even ice cream. With that said, know your limits, drink (or eat) responsibly, and enjoy the show!


1.  Donald Trump mentions his wealth or his intelligence.


1.  A candidate says, “This president…”

2.  A candidate complaints about never getting called on to talk.

3.  A candidate talks about “stopping Hillary Clinton.”


4.  A candidate mentions the founders or the constitution.

5.  A candidate mentions Hillary’s emails.

6.  A candidate mentions Benghazi.

7.  Someone say they will be the one to “take America back.”

8.  A candidate mentions their poor upbringing and how they overcame it.

9.  A candidate mentions the “war on Christians.”

10.  A candidate mentions the “culture of dependency.”

11.  Carly Fiorina brings up her time as a CEO.

12.  Trump brags about his poll numbers or makes fun of how low his components’ numbers are.

13.  A candidate promises to stand with Israel.

14.  A candidate references the Bible to support their position.

15.  A candidate says, “I’m the only person on this stage who…”

16.  Ben Carson mentions his success as a surgeon.


17.  A candidate says “Eye-ran.”

18.  Jeb Bush defends his brother’s decisions as president.



19.  A candidate talks over their time.

20.  A candidate talks over the moderator.

21.  Whenever one of the candidates claims that the moderators are misquoting them.

22.  When someone mentions securing the border.

23.  Jeb Bush brings up his success in Florida.


24.  Jeb Bush mentions defunding Planned Parenthood.


25.  Donald Trump calls the current leaders “losers.”



Hope you enjoy the debate! Make sure to stay up to date on debates and candidates by checking out the schedule here.

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