Oh No, I'm Late! How to Get Ready in a Hurry

We’ve all had those moments: staring at our phones in the morning in a semi-daze/semi-panic, wondering how we could have hit snooze so many times. If you’re like me, this has happened a little more often than you might want to admit. Not to worry, there is a great deal that can be accomplished in those precious, panicked minutes!

Normally, I set my alarm an hour before class. It gives me more than enough time to rise at my leisure, get ready, check my email/texts/happenings on Facebook, and even grab a light breakfast. But we all the know the snooze button can be way too tempting, leaving less time than we planned for.

30 minutes: This is still plenty of time to look polished, you just have to multitask. Divide your time evenly: about 10 minutes for makeup, 10 minutes for hair, and 10 minutes to pick an outfit. Before you even start putting on makeup, plug your hot tool in, whether it’s a straightener or curling iron. This will allow enough time for it to fully heat up. For makeup in 10 minutes, stick to the basics: a little powder or foundation and concealer to cover tired eyes. Put on a few quick strokes of your favorite blush, eyeliner, mascara, and lip-gloss, and you’re ready to go! For hair: if you are a master at the curling iron, go for it—it always looks like you put in more effort than you actually have. If you don’t feel totally comfortable with it yet, don’t sweat it; straight hair looks just as polished. Next, it's time for your outfit! A lot of articles say to choose your outfit before bed; I say, who remembers that? With 10 minutes to decide, stick to classic fall trends: a chunky sweater, statement scarf, and cute boots. You can never go wrong with sleek pants and an oversized sweater.

15 minutes: With less time, your makeup will be simpler, consisting of powder, mascara, and a hint of blush. As for your hair, use a hair tie to put your hair into a top knot or a sleek ponytail. What outfit looks good on everyone? A killer pair of denim jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt. If you have couple extra minutes, a long necklace and a few rings will take your outfit a long way.

5 minutes: With only a few minutes to get it together, stick to the bare basics—brush your teeth, put on the first thing you see, grab a pair of sunglasses, and put the biggest smile on your face because you are going to be sporting the “I just got out of bed, brushed my teeth, and put on the first thing I saw” look. Rock it, girl!