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New Season, New Mindset: 3 Tips For Getting In That Autumn Mood

Well, summer is officially gone, at least, that’s what the calendar is saying – Hotlanta not so much!  If you’re like me, you might not be able to tell one season from the next until you’re literally shivering and wearing four sweatshirts, but in any case, Emory’s campus is transitioning into a season of multi-colored leaves, long-sleeves, and midterms. And, again, if you’re like me, you may be wishing summer would just stay forever. 

 Here are a few tips for ~fall­ing~ back into a rhythm on campus (pun intended):

1. It’s hot out – enjoy it. 

It’s true: even the most loyal of summer lovers don’t personally enjoy sweating through their clothes. In fact, I probably complain about the heat at least seven times a day. After *accidentally* registering for Aerobic Conditioning, which, if you didn’t know (like I didn’t), means running, I find myself twice a week sweating my life away in the Atlanta heat, just wondering when it’s actually going to feel like fall. But, I’ve started thinking – with October just around the corner, this semester really is flying by. And once the leaves have really changed, this Texas girl will have to face the unfamiliar season of winter, and practically be begging for some heat. Take a pool day with your people, walk around the Beltline, and be thankful for that color on your shoulders that you just won’t be getting in a few weeks. 

2. Get your closet on a rotation.

 There’s nothing worse than longing for summer to just come back and seeing those denim cut-offs just taunting you from within your closet. As the temperature drops and real fall weather gets closer and closer, swapping your summer favorites out with your best sweaters and pants in. There’s no better feeling than loving your outfit, and the idea of breaking out some leggings and sweaters always gets me ready for the fall.

3. Do some fun fall activities – get in the mood!

Sure, pool days, no school, and the feeling of summer is pretty great, but what about pumpkin patches, Halloween movies (and cookies), and constantly reminding yourself that thanksgiving is right around the corner? Atlanta has some great fall activities to offer, starting with Fall Fest in Candler Park coming up on October 5th. 

The changing of the seasons can be the best opportunities for a reset – and October just beginning, there’s no time like the present. Happy fall! 

Orly Golub

Emory '21

Orly is a junior at Emory University from Houston, Texas. She is a double major in Creative Writing and Political Science. You can find her reading, writing, napping, sweating and panting at Corepower, or staying up way too late finding new music on Spotify.
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