Movie Sequels: They Don't Always Disappoint

We've all seen movie sequels. They are the typically cheesy, less comical, pitiful younger siblings to their original masterpieces. Remember "Grease 2" and "Back to the Future 2"? Or, the second "Karate Kid"? Are you shuddering yet? If so, you are definitely justified in doing so. To be honest, I almost choked while writing out the names of those films. The sad fact is that there are few worse things that movie producers can do than stick the number "2" after a movie title. Not only do these movies tend to be disappointing, but they also give viewers an unsavory aftertaste that makes the entire series less appealing altogether. Thus, resulting from this all too common misconduct, many viewers—myself included—have been programmed to believe that, if a movie contains the terrible digit "2," time should not be wasted watching it.

So, holding this belief so strongly myself, how on earth was I dragged to see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" (in theaters, nonetheless, so that I couldn't even turn it off myself) this weekend?

Say, what now?

The answer is simple, really: it was snowing and I was visiting my parents with nothing else to do.  But, after enduring fits of laughter, embarrassment, and ever so tiny tears, I was forced to revoke my belief that all sequels are spawns of the devil. I'll be the first to admit it: this sequel completely ROCKED.

Here’s why:

1.  The timing is perfect

With the original film coming out in 2002, this sequel waited patiently for 14 years to make an appearance. Unlike common sequel mistakes, this film was not rushed or forced upon audiences.

2.  The characters are on point

The same actors and actresses play the actors as those the original film. To make it even better, they are as believable and true to their roles as before.

3. The Humor

Come on, who can stop themselves from laughing when the father (now grandfather) Gus insists again and again that the root of every word in the universe is Greek? To make it even better, he takes it to the next level by setting out on a mission to prove that he is a direct descendent of Alexander the Great.

4. It's relatable on all levels

The daughter is going off to college, trying to find her way in the world without her family. Yet, she is scared to leave them at the same time. Does this sound familiar to you?  The parents, watching their daughter, understand this pain in a different way. Also, her grandparents are torn between the good and bad choices of their past; they magnify just how much one family can truly love one another.

Before I go off on a tangent, let me urge you all to look past the title of this movie and not let the fear of the "2" at the end stop you from viewing this film. Now, when a new sequel hits the theaters, I'm betting I'll take my own advice as well.