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You’ve probably seen this light-green drink all over your Instagram feed, and it’s most likely accompanied by a metal straw: matcha! Why is everyone suddenly so obsessed with it, and how could it possibly rival coffee? I’ll tell you. 

I used to be a hardcore coffee addict. Like, 6-cups-a-day-during-finals-addict. Over the summer, I decided to give matcha a try, mostly because that mint/pistachio color is so inviting and ~in~ right now. I had also just gotten into oat milk (separate article coming soon) so I got an iced oat matcha latte. I was blown away at how good it was, and had to double-check that they hadn’t added any sugar or sweeteners. Since then, I’ve basically had a matcha every day. 

Benefits I’ve noticed:

1. Energy!! Unlike coffee, matcha gives you sustained energy without the jitters or the crash. It helps you stay focused so you can efficiently procrastinate all your homework! I’ve noticed this because I can have 2 cups of matcha a day and I won’t feel wired or strung-out.

2. Green tea is known for its digestive properties, and since matcha is basically a super-concentrated green tea powder, you get all the benefits in one yummy cup! It boosts your metabolism and is full of antioxidants so you’ll feel like a health kween when drinking it. While it won’t make you suddenly lose 10 pounds, it definitely curbs your appetite and speeds up your digestion.

Bonus: 3 reviews! 

1. Starbucks Iced Matcha Latte with Skim Milk 

This was actually pretty good. I was annoyed that their powder has sugar in it because that means it’s automatically sweetened, but still decided to give it a try. Also, Starbucks better get oat milk soon because I’m losing faith. The latte itself was pretty good, not too sweet and pretty light and foamy which I enjoyed. Would probably get this again if I felt like “treating myself” to a sugary matcha. Rating: 8/10

2. Kaldi’s Iced Oat Sweet Matcha Latte

While it’s listed on their menu as “Sweet Matcha Latte,” and I’m not a huge “sweet” girl, I knew I had to try it because I’m such a hoe for Kaldi’s. I usually hate when my matcha is sweetened, but this one wasn’t so bad! It was definitely sweet, but not too sweet. I got it with oat milk so it was super creamy which I love. I personally wouldn’t get it again because I don’t like sweet matcha, but I’d give it a 6/10. 

3. Homemade Latte with Trader Joe’s Matcha Green Tea Powder and Oatly Oat Milk

Best for last! This is my FAVORITE. I make this almost every day in my dorm room. I just fill my (reusable!) water bottle about 3/4 of the way with oat milk, add the powder, and shake! While I feel guilty about using single-use packets, this one is definitely budget-friendly and so easy. It’s unsweetened, so there are no added calories besides whatever milk you choose. It has so much flavor–I never get tired of it. Rating: 11/10 (if we’re ever fighting, just make me one and I will immediately forget whatever I was mad about.)

Anyways, at this point I’ve done everything I can to convince you that matcha is superior to any other caffeinated beverages so…. Go order one and see what you think!!

Hong Kong born and raised, Manishka is widely known for two things – her clumsiness and her ability to spend hours laughing at her own jokes! When she’s not busy trying to find out how she got her latest bruise, she can usually be found eating an avocado, while re-watching Gossip Girl for the 6th…no… 7th time! Her hobbies include raiding the fridge, stalking Doug the Pug on Instagram and trying to find out the secret ingredient in Krabby Patties.
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