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Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Recap

It was that time of year again.  The runways were out, the models were booked, and the designers were squeezing in the last minute tweaks to their awaited collections.  The lucky attendees were not only bragging to everyone in sight, but were also picking out the perfect outfits that could get them mistaken for a celebrity.  With designers ranging from Michael Kors to Vera Wang, who wouldn’t want to go?  Yes, I’m talking about Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week 2012.
Okay fashionistas, it’s time to get down to business.  I know you are all wondering what the hottest trends are this season, and you will not be let down.
This may be shocking to some, but floral prints are no longer solely an item for your grandparents’ houses.  In fact, this trend has flowed over from last season and is definitely here to stay.  Flowers constantly appeared on the runway in inventive and tasteful ways.  Whether the items were dresses, shirts, skirts, or pants, the prints ranged from vivid island colors to deep, sensual blues. No matter what your taste is, it can be catered to in the form of a unique floral print.  Jason Wu’s flower-petal printed shear top and matching shorts presents a subtle and toned down look while Peter Som’s vibrant and explosive floral printed gown make a big statement.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from this flirty trend comes the rebellious “Out of Africa” Trend.  The tribal and animal prints spiced up the runway and allowed designers to show off their edgy side.  Michael Kors’ cheetah printed bathing suit and Oscar de la Renta’s tribal belted dress stole the show with their fierce, yet soft styles.

Finally, designers proved that geometry is not just relevant in the classroom.  Designers like Reed Krakoff, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Victoria Beckham kept things neat on the runway with straight, geometric lines.  This trend allows for a look that is sophisticated and tidy.  With all the chaos going on in New York City, this look brings some stability to the busy worker. 

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week 2012 came to a close on February 16, and as always, did not disappoint.  No need to fret if you missed the biggest fashion event of the year; these designs will hit stores before you know it.

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