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Menchies Froyo!

Located in the Toco Hills shopping center, Menchies is a great option for dessert after chowing down at Maddios, Goldberg’s, Bagel Palace, or Zuma! It’s also the perfect snack in between your mani/pedi and Publix run.

As Froyo experts, we would like to award Menchies with Best Toppings! Along with its ever-changing froyo flavors, Menchies has toppings like you’ve never seen. From more traditional fruits and snacks like strawberries, chocolate chips, and cereal, to crazy sweets like chocolate raspberry truffles, marshmallow sauce, frosted animal crackers, and jelly bellies, Menchies has every topping you could ever want with your yogurt.

The yogurt is not to be forgotten here either! In our expert opinion, Menchies offers yogurt that is not quite as yogurt-y as it’s competitors, but instead offers yogurt that pleases all the ice cream lovers out there (but is still way healthier than your pint of Ben and Jerry’s)!

Menchies also offers all Emory students a 10% discount on their yogurt, so next time you’re there be sure to flash them you’re Emory ID! This Thursday only, from 5-9, hit up Menchies with a copy of this article (in print or on your phone) and get 25% off your froyo! See ya there!

PS Visit us at Wonderful Wednesday and enter to win a free yogurt!

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