Mary Hollis McGreevy, The Girl Who Hit Reply-All

Pretty sure this girl needs no introduction because after Monday everyone, and when I say everyone I literally mean EVERYONE at Emory knew who she was. Yes, it's her, Mary Hollis McGreevy (it's a double first name), the girl who hit reply-all to ALL of Emory thanking Gary S. Hauk for giving us a snow day on Tuesday (which did not happen until Wednesday). Besides being infamous at Emory, Mary Hollis is on the business track and loves to do laundry (I mean who doesn't?). Read up on how she felt about the e-mail and get to know the girl behind the THANK YOU ????? !
Her Campus Emory (HCE): What's it like to be an actual campus celebrity?
Mary Hollis McGreevy (MHM): It's overwhelming!! I had friends coming up to me and saying things like "that email..." And then everyone else would turn around and say "you are the girl who sent that?!"
HCE: What was going through your mind when you hit reply-all?
MHM: I didn't realize I had replied all. I got an email saying "to send your email, follow this link", but I didn't realize the link was to send the email to 43,000+ people associated with Emory. 
HCE: How did you spend your #snowpocalypsepart2?​
MHM: Sorting through all of the hate emails I received. 
HCE: Were those actual question marks or emojis?
MHM: They were emojis!! The question marks made me seem extremely aggressive.
HCE: What did some of your friends say about your email?
MHM: They all asked if I had intentionally sent the email and then proceeded to make fun of me. 
HCE: Also someone told me you met President Obama, how was that interaction?​
MHM: The interaction was incredible, but based on my personal views, I would have loved to meet President George W. Bush!!