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Lazy Girl’s Guide to St. Patty’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are upon us, AKA the time you realize you don’t own any appropriate green clothing.  Don’t worry though, Amazon Prime has got you covered with these foolproof St. Patty’s outfits.


If you’re going for aggressive but acceptable, this fits the bill.  Putting a twist on America’s favorite leprechaun, this shirt is more than enough, making it very acceptable to pair it with any jeans and still draw attention to yourself.


If you’re a huge St. Patty’s person but also a huge last-minute person, the best and easiest outfit is a onesie.  It can be worn tied/zipped down with a bandeau or zipped all the way up depending on temperature, and you’ll be the most comfortable and seemingly spirited person around.  


Jerseys are always the move, made even better if it’s a chance to rep your home team.  You can wear it as one large dress or over a sweatshirt, making it perfect for any darty weather.  If that’s not plausible, a Celtics jersey works well, and Amazon has plenty.  If you’re not looking to dole out a lot of money on a team that you have no ties to, try a large size in the youth department for significantly cheaper. 


If the shirts just aren’t happening, you can’t go wrong with loads of green accessories over either all black or blue jeans and a white shirt.  From shot glass necklaces to clover sunglasses to headgear, it won’t matter what’s underneath because easy accessories will steal the show. 

Thank you Amazon Prime on behalf of lazy collegiates everywhere, and Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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