Kevin '15

Hometown: Nyack, NY

Major: Finance

Fraternity: Phi Delta Theta

Extracurriculars: Contributing Writer for Emory Wheel


Her Campus Emory (HCE): Where are you abroad right now, and what are you studying?

Kevin (K): I am in St. Gallen, Switzerland. I’m here to ski, party, and learn how to launder money into Swiss bank accounts.


HCE: What’s a must-have quality in a girl you’re interested in?

K: I’m into blonde hippie chicks who know how to party, so any of those are a must-have.



HCE: Compare the girls you’ve met abroad to the girls here.

K: Girls here are a lot friendlier, but that’s probably because I’m an American novelty to them. There’s also way more blondes, which is awesome.


HCE: Favorite food?

K: Pizza and bagels, hands down.


HCE: Do you like them laid back or more on the adventurous side?

K: A good combination of both- it’s always nice to kick back and chill, but a little bit of edge is key.


HCE: What are your goals after college?

K: In a dream world, I would ski by winter and festival-hop by summer. In reality though, I want to get a lucrative job in banking and become a yuppie.


HCE: If you could take any female celebrity on a date, whom would you take?

K: Effy Stonem (I don’t know if she counts as a celebrity so much as a character, but she is the girl I will marry.)


HCE: Do you dance?

K: You should really refer this question to Irene Byun, but the answer is 100% yes. I’m big into dancing and I do it well.