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Kevin, ’14

Name: Kevin
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Major: Mathematics/Political Science
Extra curriculars: ultimate Frisbee, sailing, swimming, and firework connoisseur
Frat: Phi Delta Theta
Relationship status: single and ready to mingle
Her Campus Emory (HCE): What are your plans for spring break?
Kevin (K): Catch up on Spartacus and sleep
HCE: Describe your perfect day:
K: Waking up late, going for a dip in the pool, playing laser tag, chasing cats in my caddy, getting tatted up, discovering time travel, learning Italian, finding Atlantis, and watching the sunset with Spongebob and Squidward

HCE: What is your favorite pick-up line?
K: Good thing I have my library card, cause I am checking you out
HCE: Favorite thing about Emory?
K: Being in the south
HCE: What’s the first thing you notice about a girl?
K: Dat grill (her smile)
HCE: Describe your perfect meal:
K: Fried catfish and chick-fil-a cookies’n’crème milkshake
HCE: What is your greatest fear?
K: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”
HCE: Hottest thing a girl can say?
K: “You remind me of Bruce Wayne...”

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