Keeping Yourself Entertained on the Journey Home

Thanksgiving Break is finally here, and only a few short weeks after that we’ll be heading home for winter break. While this semester seems to be moving super quickly, the long plane ride or drive back home might not seem so speedy. I’ve compiled a handy list of ways you can avoid the dreaded boredom of a long trip home, so if you’re stuck as a passenger on a plane or in car for these upcoming breaks, you can take this time to play catch up or relax – the choice is yours.


Spend some time finishing up that book you’ve been neglecting all semester.

Have you had a half-read novel sitting on your desk for the past few months that you just haven’t had the time or motivation to finish? Or maybe there’s a book you’ve been wanting to re-read. Now’s the time to enjoy some reading that isn’t out of a textbook, for once.


If reading in a moving vehicle gives you motion sickness, try out a podcast or audiobook.

Audible is one great option for finding and listening to audiobooks. It’s free for 30 days, so now might be the time to try it out. If audiobooks aren’t your thing, you could check out some podcasts which are easy to find and free on your iPhone. I’d suggest starting with “2 Dope Queens” if you’re looking for something hilarious to keep you entertained.


Try and get a head start on planning your life for next semester. 

While I know this doesn’t sound terribly enticing, hear me out. This is a low pressure time when you’re actually forced to sit and do pretty much nothing. Why not take the time to map out your semester plan?  You’ll be glad you did it sooner than later, and chances are, you’ll feel a lot better once you come back for the last few months of the year. 


Take a much deserved nap.

This is probably my favorite and most useful suggestion on the list. This semester hasn’t been easy, and now may be the last chance you get to relax before the semester ends. Take a moment to soak up all the free time, and catch up on the countless hours of sleep you’ve missed this semester. You’ve earned it, and you’ll need it!


May you enjoy your break and stay entertained on the long ride back home!


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