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Keeping Class Classy

Spring has sprung for us Collegiettes here in the ATL, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to shed those summer layers and whip out your dusty daisy dukes from the back of your closet.  While you may have been embracing the beautiful weather, trying to get your legs nice and tan for your upcoming classes, and attempting to woo potential formal dates, you may also want to take some time for personal reflection.  I am not talking about reflection about said formals or even how to ace that final exam (though that is important)—I am talking about reflecting on how to dress appropriately, as the temperature rises along with your hemlines.  Here are some tips on what is okay to wear to class, and what should be saved for your nightly romp through Margarets (where dignity and a different kind of class are lost with a step through the door).

1.     Booty Shorts-  I am so happy you love your butt, but that does NOT make it okay to show off in class.  The shorts that show the tiny lift in your butt cheeks have become all the rage but they are by no means appropriate to wear during B-law.  I get you want to strut your stuff through Cox, but I didn’t want to see it last night at Mags and I definitely don’t want to see it when I am sober.  SO, before you slide on your ass-baring shorts, ask yourself this question: Do you really want your 80-year-old professor staring at your butt?

P.S. If you answered yes to the above question, please consult a health care professional.

2.     Crop Tops- Old trends definitely cycle back again, and now is your chance to embrace the crop top.  However, as cute and chic as these tiny tops can be, they are not appropriate to be wearing in class.  First of all, the AC way too high to be wearing a shirt so small, but even more importantly you want your professor to take you seriously right through finals (yes, even if you hate them, you want a good grade for the right reasons). A crop top does not draw attention to your smarts.

3.     Cleavage- So, you have defied gravity with your perky boobs. Great! But until the sun starts to set and the alcohol is just about to set in, try to wear a shirt that doesn’t let it all hang out.  Sometimes, us bigger-boobed ladies actually cannot help it, because even in a regular tank you will get some good cleave.  With that being said, school hours do not mean throw on that pushup bra and wear the extra low-cut shirt.  Your face is beautiful enough—let boys stare at that when they talk to you, instead of peeping down your shirt.


4.     Sideboob-  Miley Cyrus seemed to make this trend all the rage throughout Hollywood and now it has reached the streets of Emory.  Though I do not understand this trend, some of you seem to.  However, whether you feel the need to rock it or not, it is not, in any circumstance, appropriate for class.  If you are braless and the AC is just about freezing, you can see way more than just the side boob. 


5.     Flatter yourself- I have been known to say this time-and-time again, and will hold to it till the day I die: wear clothes that are appropriate for your own body. With all of the trends and styles that are ever-changing, a lot of times we can feel the pressure to try to rock every one. I am glad you are such a fashionista, but not every trend looks great on every individual body. The best way to look smokin’ hot is wear clothes that fit you and flatter your greatest assets. 

Remember, class is not the time to bare it all. If you’ve got it, go ahead and flaunt it–but please wait till the sun is going down.


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