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James Ding, Creator of Butterhub Bakery

Emory finally has the perfect late night snack: Butterhub Bakery! Whether you’re cramming for finals or Netflix binge-watching, Buttherhub Bakery is your one-stop shop for baked goods galore. Meet junior James Ding, the creator of Butterhub Bakery. When he’s not in the kitchen cooking up goods, this Computer Science major enjoys basketball, tennis, and playing the piano. Read up on how you can satisfy your late-night sweet tooth!

Her Campus Emory (HCE): What is Butterhub?

James Ding (JD): “What if a college kid dreamed of being something other than what society had intended? What if he dreamed of being something more?”

Movie quotes aside, Butterhub is a team of baking enthusiasts who believe in quality baked goods. Butterhub Bakery is our pilot program at Clairmont Campus offering late-night cookie delivery and catering. We launched the bakery program on March 19th and accepting preorders two days before. Cookies are baked to order and delivered fresh between 6 pm and 1 am.

HCE: Are there any special menu items?

JD: Besides our 6 classic cookies, we offer a sampler pack, a smaller catering box, and a larger catering box. When we move onto phase 2, we’ll offer a few more deluxe cookies and the option to customize.


HCE: Besides delivery, are there any other ways to get Butterhub?​

JD: Besides delivery, we have the option to meet at the bus stop and the option for special delivering directions. Deliveries outside of Clairmont will take longer.


HCE: Any future plans?

JD: There are future plans. We’ll be announcing on our Facebook page (https://Facebook.com/butterhub), twitter @thebutterhub, and Instagram (butterhub).

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