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It’s that time of the year again. Football season, or even worse, fantasy football season. Is it just me or have all the men and the cool “one of the bros” girls (who we all secretly aspire to be) started competing in fantasy football?

I barely understand normal football so you already know I look like an idiot and pretend to know what’s going on when I hear guys talk about their fantasy leagues. I have so many questions. Didn’t everyone just do March Madness? Why did I get asked to pay $10 to join a league? Why are people blocking off hours of their weekend for a draft? Who’s performing at the fantasy Superbowl halftime show? WTF is this fantasy football?

That all changes this Fall. I did a lot of research and I now consider myself a woman with borderline basic fantasy football literacy. 

So the whole process starts with joining a league. Leagues stem from the workplace, fraternities, friend groups, and even hometowns. Some leagues even play for money where each player puts in whatever amount the group agrees on and the winner takes it all *que Meryl Streep from Mama Mia*. 

Next comes the draft. This part resembles every game you’ve ever played in a PE class.  Except every member of the league is a team captain and real football players are the rest of the class. League members go one by one picking real NFL players for their team.

Finally, after each person has drafted their own team, the teams compete one on one. Whether they win or not depends on the players real stats from the real season that’s happening in real life. Members of the league can trade, bench, and start different players depending on how they are actually performing.

It’s my understanding that you get points for winning and at the end the top teams play in a championship and there’s finally a winner!

Honestly fantasy football seems complicated AF. Mad respect to anyone who plays.

Mia is a senior at Emory University pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in marketing. She has lived in Atlanta her whole life and loves experiencing the city as a college student. Mia loves romance books, listening to podcasts on walks, and time spent with friends and family.
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