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How to Stay Motivated Even Though It Still Feels Like Break

It still feels like we’ve just returned to campus, so academic motivations are definitely low. You want to start the semester off right with good grades, but it feels painful to do nightly reading and studying. So, here are a few tips to keep you motivated even when you’re feeling lazy:

1. Don’t be afraid to take naps.

There are many negative misperceptions about people who take naps. Taking a nap is not an act of weakness, nor does it demonstrate laziness. Rather, it shows the recognition that taking breaks is okay, which is true! Statistics show that taking even just a 20-minute nap every day help boosts your creativity and awareness levels.


2. Make daily lists of what you want to accomplish.

To-Do lists are always good. They help you visualize everything you want to do, and there is nothing more satisfying than being able to cross an item off once you’ve completed it. Knowing you have a day’s worth of task to complete before you can finish that episode on Netflix is motivating enough to get started on your work.


3. Wake up early on weekends to be productive.

While we all like to sleep in on weekends, maybe consider waking up early on Saturdays. It doesn’t have to be THAT early, but If you can get all your homework done during the day, not only will you be able to chill all night, but also you will be ahead of the game for the following week and have more time to relax and do other things you enjoy.

4. Make a new playlist to study to.

Good music makes everything better. There is so much new music out right now, so take advantage of that and make a new playlist geared towards your favorites. Knowing you have a stream of great music to listen to will help motivate you to study, even when it feels like the worst activity possible. 

Try adopting some of these habits, and all of the sudden you will notice that studying isn’t so bad after all. Different strategies work better for different people, so try a few and see what works for you!

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