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How to Properly Not Do Homework

Sometimes we don’t want to do homework. So, we sit on Facebook for three minutes, which very quickly turns into three more minutes, which turns into three hours. To be honest, the three hours weren’t actually that enjoyable, but at least it wasn’t homework. Instead of planning to do work and slowly procrastinating with activities that aren’t even that fun, it might be better to actually approximate the time your work will take you, and then spend the rest of the time doing things that are actually fun!
1. Watch Netflix in your bed. This never fails. You can watch your favorite TV show (again), or you can try a cool documentary like Blackfish or Separating Twins.
2. Watch a movie with friends on your couch. I would recommend The Parent Trap or The Shawshank Redemption. 
3. Go out for pizza. This is self-explanatory.
4. Bake something! You can’t go wrong with homemade Tollhouse cookies. 
5. Plan out your week! There’s nothing better than an organized calendar. 
6. Take a walk. Lullwater is a very pretty and relaxing place. 
7. Call a person from home on the telephone. It’s always nice to chat and catch up.
8. Do your laundry and clean your room. You will feel better, and if you play fun music, this can actually be fun. 
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