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How to Keep Up with Current Events in College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

Face it. This is a crazy time in our country. Popular news outlets are spewing updates left and right, so it can be hard to keep up, especially if you’re a college student. It can be very easy to feel left in the dark when it comes to politics or general international events, and it’s not a good feeling. So here are a couple ways for students living in the bubble of campus life to break free and stay informed about the world around them.

1. Download your favorite news app and turn your notifications on.

Whether it be CNN, The Washington Post, or the New York Times, these news outlets are constantly publishing articles and videos that can offer quick and easy updates. Turning on your notifications will encourage you to actually open the app and read more. Just make sure your phone is on silent or turned off during class, because you don’t want it ringing every time an article is uploaded (which can happen very often!).

2. Pick up a complimentary copy of the New York Times on your way to class.

In many of the main buildings on campus like the DUC or White Hall, there are free copies of the New York Times available for all students. If you have a bit of extra time between classes, it’s great to flip through one of these. You might feel a bit like your grandparents while reading old-fashioned black and white print, but there’s nothing like getting into a fresh new article about something you’ve probably never heard of before. Also, the paper is a lot more detailed than the app, which can be especially helpful if you’re following a specific story.

3. Sign-up to watch live news on your laptop.

It can be very hard to watch the news as a college student. You may think this is impossible on your small Macbook Air that is usually reserved for Facebook and essay writing. However, many news channels have an option that allows you to use your at-home TV provider information (like Verizon or Comcast) to sign in and watch live news for free! This way you can watch political pundits argue until the night’s end and keep up with live information as important events occur.

4. The hardest one…talk about it!

Although many fear talking about politics amongst their friends because they worry someone’s feelings might get hurt, one of the best ways to stay informed is through word of mouth. Hearing what your friends have to say about what’s actually going on in the world will help you bond and become closer, while increasing your knowledge about the topic. So don’t shy away from asking your friends what they think about a controversial issue because talking about it and hearing different perspectives is the best way to truly understand the event itself.  

We all know that as college students it can be easy to feel disconnected with the world outside of Emory. You don’t have your parents telling you about what’s going on, and you’re on your own when it comes to staying informed. With these easy tips and tricks, we can reconnect ourselves with the real world and become even more confident when certain situations arise. Good luck!

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