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Homecoming 2012: Swoop’s County Fair

School has started, classes have begun, and we’re all already missing Welcome Week. We had fun (and free) activities and performances to go to, free food, and….oh wait, Homecoming Week is just around the corner with even more free fun and food! In order to give us the best possible insight into what we should look forward to, Her Campus Emory interviewed Meena, Homecoming Chair, from Student Programming Council.

Her Campus Emory (HCE): When is homecoming, and what’s the theme?
Student Programming Council (SPC): Homecoming week is September 24-29, and the theme is Swoop’s County Fair.

HCE: What are some things we can look forward to at the start of Homecoming week?
SPC: Everyday there is going to be something awesome! It kicks off on Monday the chili taste-off where everyone will be sampling chili (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) and Emory students will vote on their favorite! There’ll also be tons of other food stations (including a sweet tea and fried food station) and a “dunk-a-hunk” tank, a fortune teller, a mechanical bull, and a photo booth station! There’ll also be beer for people who are 21+.

HCE: What about Wonderful Wednesday?
SPC: It’s going to be sick! Just to give you a small preview, we are going to have a petting zoo, live music, country line dancers, and funnel cakes (but there won’t be an emphasis on food since some people are fasting for Yom Kippur). Additionally, Red Cross will host a Blood Drive in the WoodPec from 11am to 4pm.

HCE: That all sounds awesome…I wish there was a comedian performing!
SPC: Lucky for you, there is! On Thursday night the comedian Amy Schumer is performing. You should watch her clips beforehand to get a taste!
HCE: I’ve seen her on the Roseanne Roast this summer! She is HILARIOUS!

HCE: What’s going on that weekend?
SPC: On Friday night the DJ duo named Cazzette is performing. They are from the same company as Avicii and opened for him all of last year! Then on Saturday, there will be a tailgate, Homecoming Parade in which all of Residence Life and Greek life march and decorate sick floats, and a Homecoming soccer game! Following that, Slightly Stoopid is performing. It’s going to be unreal!!!!

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