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Home Sweet Home: Looking Forward to Summer 2015

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss home. Actually, I would never even say that, because it is beyond true. When asked what is hardest about being away from home, I probably couldn’t tell you initially. While loving Emory and my college friends has seemingly consumed the past months of my life, I have realized that I truly miss the everyday things that I never stopped to appreciate at home.

I miss the sound of my dog bolting down the steps of my house every morning, I miss the smell of the fresh laundry and home cooked meals. I miss the silence in my room, I miss the quiet nights and the comfort of my couch. Sometimes it’s hard not to miss things like this.

With the year winding down, here are some things for you to look forward to when you get back. After an upcoming anticipated stressful end to the semester, remember that coming home will bring back all that you miss, love and often even forget about.

First things first: your home friends. After months of being away at school, long distance phone calls, pithy texts and Facebook stalking, you are all finally back together. Time for a reunion! You can talk about all the gossip from school, inform each other of your new friend groups, social lives and basically everything that has gone on while being across the country from one another.

The next best thing to look forward to is home cooking, your favorite restaurants and even your hometown. A fresh home cooked meal will taste better than ever after months of the DUC. Walking around your town will bring back memories and also be a nice way to readjust to where you may be spending the summer.

If you aren’t looking forward to seeing your pets, then I don’t know what kind of person you are. The welcoming greeting you know you will get from your dog when you walk into your house is basically indescribable. Long walks with your dog or even just spending time with your pets will remind you how much you missed them throughout the year.

Also, nothing beats your own room and comfort of your house. It’ll be nice to be back in your own territory and spend some time alone.  You wont have to shower with shoes and you can spend as much time as you want on your couch.

With all this being said, while you might dread finals and leaving all of your friends here at Emory, don’t worry; home will be awaiting your arrival.