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Heel-less Shoes: The New Trend in Going Out Footwear?

Upon first glance, these shoes look like they were only made for ballerinas with incredible balance and the fashion maven Lady Gaga. However, heel less shoes have been springing up on the red carpet and are being worn by many fashion-forward celebrities, such as Victoria Beckham, Lucy Hale, Kelly Rowland, and Leann Rimes. While these seem daunting at first with their lack of an actual heel, they compensate for it through the design of an enlarged base for support. Shoe designers such as Giuseppe Zanotti and (the more budget-friendly) Jeffrey Campbell have created multiple pairs of gorgeous, edgy statement shoes, which all lack a heel. 

Left to right: Jeffrey Campbell, Giuseppe Zanotti, Jeffrey Campbell, Giuseppe Zanotti

Fashionistas be warned: no matter how often or well you can walk in height-defying heels, even the best, Lady Gaga, can take a tumble. Falling from such a height could seriously injure a Collegiette and make a fun night out with your girls end on a bad note. My advice is to try the trend while going out for a dressy dinner. That way you can get off on the right footing with this intimidating fashion feat. 

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