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Going-out Glamour: Shimmering Smoky Eyes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

Emory nightlife, albeit ever-predictable, strangely motivates us girls to put on high heels, a cute silk top, and an overly-expensive cross body bag for partaking in the nightly routine of sticky floors, mixed drinks, and sweaty socializing. Glamorous as it may seem, as soon as an iPhone 5 emerges from a party-goer’s black leather clutch – you better believe Emory girls want to be ready for that unforgiving flash. 

Sure, we have no problem finding a back-test to study for our finance exam. And, it’s a widespread skill to be able to bang out a 4-paged philosophy paper in record time. However, how to achieve the perfect nighttime eyeshadow that will withstand all the elements a collegiette will encounter on a given Thursday night…? Look no further. 

As the daughter of a professional makeup artist, I find that my friends – like a great majority of girls – are frequently seeking advice on how to achieve a perfect nighttime eyeshadow look. The answer? A shimmering smoky eye, never fails.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to achieve such a shimmering smoky eye, perfect for any evening occasion on or off campus. And yes, it really is that simple!

  1. Eyeshadow primer. It is very important to set a solid foundation for the shadow pigments to stay vibrant and long lasting against the eyelid. Apply an eyeshadow primer (if you don’t have, a pale colored makeup concealer works too) all along your eyelid to your brow bone. Sweep the primer under the lower lash line, too.
  2. Shimmering pale taupe eyeshadow. Apply a light-colored pearlescent eyeshadow all over the eyelid. This application will act as a base for the rest of the shadows.
  3. Brown eyeshadow. Using a fluffy blending brush, apply a medium-darkness brown eyeshadow along the outer-crease of the eye. If you’re not sure what crease this is, I am referring to the socket that meets the eyelid to the brow bone. This will create a contour effect.
  4. Black eyeshadow. Using a fluffy blending brush, apply a dark black eyeshadow (one without a shimmering quality) along the outer-crease of the eye to intensify the smoky effect of the brown.
  5. Gold eyeshadow. Dab a pigmented gold eyeshadow onto the ball of your eyelid using your forefinger. This enhances the depth of the colors and brings light to your eyes.
  6. Black pencil eyeliner. Draw a line of medium thickness along your upper lash line. Follow the natural shape of your eye, so that the line becomes slightly thicker going outwards. Make sure your eyeliner of choice is waterproof; this will increase longevity and prevent smudging.
  7. Black eyeshadow. Using a flat shader brush, apply the black eyeshadow in a feathering motion to the outer corner of the lash line to soften and enhance the smoky quality of the liner.
  8. Black eyeshadow. Using the same brush from Step 7, swipe the residue eyeshadow on the brush along the outer corner of your bottom lash line.
  9. Blue pencil eyeliner. In the same area of the black eyeshadow just applied, draw a line as close as possible underneath your lower lash line, rather than the waterline. This will flatter and intensify the color of your eyes.
  10. Black liquid eyeliner. Apply the liquid eyeliner in small strokes along the upper lash line. Create a thicker, slightly winged shape along the outer corner. This will intensify the look and longevity of the eyeliner.
  11. Repeat Step 7.
  12.  Gold shimmer loose eyeshadow. Using a fluffy blending brush, apply a modest amount of lustrous cosmetic powder from the inner corner of your eye to about ¼ of the eyelid in an upward motion. Sweep the brush along the brow bone under the tail of the eyebrow. Adding highlight to the tear duct area and brow bone creates a beautiful definition and finish to any face.
  13. Repeat Step 12.
  14. Black mascara. Apply a volume enhancing formula onto your lashes. Use the mascara wand to blacken and wing the lashes outward.

Good luck!

Special thanks to Faces Beautiful and Emory Goizueta’s very own, Lauren Freydberg, for modeling the eyeshadow demonstration.

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