Get Down at Derby Days

Derby days… the national Sigma Chi weeklong philanthropy event began last night with a sorority dance-off. Tonight is a concert with Paris & Simo, a Canadian producing duo, whose hit "Escape" will for sure be played. I sat down with Caleb Griswell, Emory alum and event producer who planned this years event.


Her Campus: What exactly is Derby Days:

Caleb Griswell: It’s the national philanthropy Sig Chi puts on every year.


HC: Why does the phrase “for the kids” get thrown around so much?

CB: All the money raised for Derby Days goes towards the Children’s Miracle Network which is a non-profit that raises funds for children’s hospitals, medical research and community awareness of children’s health issues. Last year, our chapter alone raised $15,000.


HC: What’s the attire for the event tonight?

CB: Depending on the weather maybe shorts? Wear something you can have fun in.


HC: What should we expect from Derby Days this year?

CB: This year will be better than ever. There’s been more effort, more money, and more production than there’s even before. Should be a night to remember.