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Final exams, semester-end papers, and presentation preparation are looming faster and more ominously than the annual Christmas party at the Baseball house. This period of time is usually indicated by: markedly high stress levels, the equally high percent increase of anxious late night eaters, Club Lib lodging, and the general decrease in personal hygiene and/or sartorial consciousness all over campus. Now, dear readers, I can’t do much about the majority of those issues (seeing that I suffer from most), but I can offer your poor, tortured souls a few tips to (maybe) beating the books.

To clarify, I’m not saying that 3 extra minutes on your outfit or even a shower (ask anyone, I hate showering) is necessarily the answer to scoring As. But let’s take a cue from those few inspired individuals who blow dry their tresses, or dress in business formal for presentations and exams: look good, feel good. They don’t swear by it for nothing! Often, I find it easier to focus on my work when I’m not preoccupied by the fact that I made the ill choice to wear my high school Uggs and guac stained sweatpants (…) to the stacks instead of spending 2 extra minutes searching for a comb and my chunkiest sweater. 

1. Apparel

While there is a certain strange appeal in high school sweatsuits reminiscent of your single semester on the JVII women’s basketball team, fleece and cotton (especially in larger quantities) have the tendency to overwhelm and under provide. Opt for equally warm knits, flannels, and/or leggings which evoke much less of an “I hate my life” vibe, much more “studying sucks! :*” 

If you’re like me and partial to a few hopelessly soft and comforting crewneck pullovers from aforementioned basketball team, pair with a puffy vest and snood for added warmth, or slip on leggings and sneaks for an easy alternative to excess fabric.

2. Accessories

Pile them on. Leave the baubles at home, obvi, but when it comes to hats, scarves, and glasses, go wild. In lieu of an extra layer, throw on your fluffiest infinity scarf; when a shower sounds like the worst idea in the world, plop on a cool cap. Second day hair works great in fishtail braids and sharp topknots! 

3. Hygiene

I know it’s hard. I know. (see shower comment above) However, going back to our mantra (look good, feel good), hygiene is key to feeling motivated, sharp, and ready to conquer that 8-12 page final paper on Women’s Writing in Imperial China. Once you’re conscious of the fact that you smell, look, or most importantly, feel gross in any way, your intensity of concentration and energy begins to deplete. So…in the case that you’re operating on little sleep and lots of stress, keep it simple. Brush teeth. Moisturize. Use eye drops. Drink water.

Keep these tips in mind! Who knows? Maybe next time you’re dressing yourself on 2 hours of sleep, you’ll leave the house looking semi-decent and sharp instead of haggard and psychotic (unintentionally of course). See you in the library!

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