From Fratty to Fabulous: Formal Cooler Tips

It's some girls’ worst nightmares and others’ greatest fantasies: decorating a cooler for a frat formal. As the season quickly approaches, the time has come for women across campus to brush up on their sanding skills and to get down and dirty with acrylic paint. Are you headed to the beach with one of Emory’s finest frat stars and seriously concerned about your lack of artistic talent? Here are some tips on how to keep cool with a sick cooler this formal season.

  1. No girl wants to spend big bucks on a cooler.  Thankfully Walmart is only ten minutes away from Emory and has a variety of options for $20 or less. Whether you like red, blue, or black, and whether you prefer a cooler with or without wheels, Walmart is your best bet for finding the perfect base for your masterpiece.
  1. Before you start painting, you’ll want to ensure that your cooler is properly prepared so your designs will stick. Grab some sandpaper and file away until all the sides are completely smooth. Next, coat the surface with plastic primer. Look for a spray paint like Rust-Oleum or Krylon Plastic Primer.
  1. Chat with your fellow frat formal attendees about sharing paint supplies. Each girl shouldn’t need her own personal bottle of Seafoam Green. Make sure to get an array of colors, including black and white. Also, never underestimate the value of paint pens and sharpies, which are both lifesavers for the small details you’ll want to paint by hand.
  1. Before you go crazy with the acrylic, it’s smart to have a plan of what you’ll be painting. If you’re in a rut, here are some ideas that most guys would love. Each suggestion is linked to Pinterest for your convenience. For more ideas, be sure to check out the infamous Facebook group, The Cooler Connection.
    1. Favorite Sports Teams
    2. His hometown
    3. Food/drinks
    4. Flags
    5. Suits/ties
    6. Frat letters
    7. Favorite brands
    9. Movies
  1. Grab some of your artistically inclined pals and take to the sorority lawn to begin your paint job. Making a cooler doesn’t have to be a tedious process; painting can actually be the perfect way to de-stress.
  1. Hours (perhaps days) later, and your designs are finally complete. Before you fill it up with your date’s favorite beverages, be sure to spray a few layers of paint sealer over each side. This will guarantee that your time didn’t go to waste and that the paint will stay glued to the cooler for years to come.

Well, all that practice crafting for your little certainly paid off. Your cooler is looking fab, your basic cooler Instagram is getting plenty of likes, and you’re ready to hit the beach with all your friends. Have fun, and most of all, stay safe!