The Five Stages of Road Trips

Whether you love them or hate them, long car rides are an inevitable part of traveling.  No matter what the destination or who you’re with, here are the five stages that you’ll go through during your road trip experience

  1. Pre-trip happiness!

Before departing, your destination is on your mind, and you’re thinking of all the fun you’ll have when you get there. The daunting number of hours in the car are just a slight inconvenience – how bad could it be, right?

2. Excitement

The first hour goes smoothly, as planned. The playlist is still new, and everyone feels relaxed, enjoying the music and each other’s company. You’re all excited to be on the road, taking in the new sights on the way to your final destination, which doesn’t feel too far away at all. Being in the car is so much fun!

3. Boredom        

After the first hour or so, being in the car doesn’t quite seem so much fun. The seats feel a little less comfortable, your phone battery is draining, and you realize that there just isn’t that much to do in this small space. You’re doing all that you can to not fall asleep, although you might as well let it happen, because everyone else is already asleep.

4. Frustration

A few hours in, you check the maps and realize that you’re only halfway there – and still have hours and hours to go. You start to wonder whether it will all be worth it. The end of the trip seems far away and unreachable, and all you want to do is just get out of the car. Immediately.

5. Excitement (Again!)

The appearance of your destination city on road signs marks the start of this phase – when you realize that you will not, in fact be stuck in the car for the rest of your life. The end is in sight, and you start looking forward to actually getting there.

If you’re embarking on a road trip soon, make sure your phone is charged, your music is good, and you have lots of snacks – it’s going to be long day, but worth it in the end!