Five Reasons To Love Hamilton (If You Don't Already)

For about a year or so, I had heard that the Broadway hit, Hamilton, was all the rage. Everyone I knew who had seen it said it was “indescribable” and “unreal.” To be completely honest, I couldn’t really imagine what could be so great about it. As someone who normally wouldn’t venture away the “Today’s Top Hits” playlist on Spotify, I was surprised to find myself suddenly becoming infatuated with the Hamilton playlist this summer while looking for some new songs to help keep my focus at work. After a few listens, I was completely hooked – so much so that I would enter the Hamilton lottery to win free tickets every single morning when I arrived in New York City for my workday. Although I have yet to see the show, I’m completely obsessed with it – and for good reason. If you haven’t fallen in love with it yet, here are just a few reasons why my Hamilton obsession is through the roof.

1. It's Catchy AF. 

I’ve never been a huge show tunes girl, but the music from Hamilton isn’t what you’d expect from your typical Broadway show. The musical is basically all rap songs, which puts a totally new twist on the traditional Broadway show music. Each song has an incredible beat that won’t disappoint when you’re looking for a mid-day pick me up or something to listen to while you study.

2. It's a great history lesson. 

Listening to music from Hamilton is definitely not the same thing as studying for your political science exam. But for those of you who are feeling a little guilty about the lack of history courses you’ve taken since high school, Hamilton is a great way to mindlessly learn about our founding fathers without even touching a book.

3. Lin Manuel Miranda is a god. 

Lin Manuel Miranda, the writer of Hamilton and prior star of the musical, is too good for words. Seriously. He is an absolute genius as well as an incredible actor and singer. Never before have I been so obsessed with someone just from watching YouTube videos of them perform. If you’re looking for some reasons to love Lin Manuel besides taking my word for it, check out this SNL skit of his incredibly clever monologue to the Hamilton song, “My Shot.” It’s one of my personal favorites – I’ve probably watched it over 100 times.

4. The Hamilton Mixtape takes things to a whole new level. 

Okay, so you’ve listened to the soundtrack, but it’s just not your speed. You like things that are faster paced, and even though the soundtrack is pretty catchy, it just isn’t cutting it for you. Not a problem: the mixtape includes covers and songs inspired by the musical from artists like Chance the Rapper, Sia, Wiz Khalifa, Kelly Clarkson, and Usher. In fact, Jimmy Fallon even makes an appearance on the mixtape. Talk about a soundtrack for your next pregame (or at least for mine).

5. Hamilton speaks to the diversity that is the United States of America. 

With threats to immigration arising after so many years of progress in our country’s history, Hamilton’s story reminds us that some of our founding fathers themselves were immigrants, ready to build our country to greatness. The cast is purposely completely diverse, with blacks and Hispanics casted as founding fathers, allowing Hamilton to tell the story of history through a lens that represents the progress society has made since his time. At a time when our nation is facing a halt in progress, Hamilton reminds us to continue to fight to keep our nation the diverse and open place it is. As the show emphasizes, these individuals are imperative to our country’s betterment and growth both now and in the years ahead. Let’s always remember that.


So, sit back, relax, and turn on the soundtrack. And, while you’re at it, pray that one day I win the Hamilton lottery and actually get to see this show.