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Favorite Spring Hue: Sweet and Sporty Citron

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

Attention seekers everywhere: this hue is for you.

You know that “wowza” look you get when you walk into a room in a bright neon yellow shirt? Maybe it’s that great button down, or the neon frock has overstayed its welcome.

Update that neon with one of the season’s best close relatives—citron. This striking cross between green and yellow allows you to exercise that neon wild side without blinding those within twenty feet. The citron color skirts that fine line before between bright and fluorescent. It’s dainty enough to wear out to brunch for a gentle and cheerful outfit, but can be dressed up enough to create an edgy vibe for those raucous nights on your favorite Maggie’s table.

In sweet and feminine options, or sporty and flashier garments, finding the right flavor of this sorbet inspired shade is easy—and your girlfriends will be green with envy. 

How to wear:

1) Color blocking: Pair citron with another spring bright, like a coral pencil skirt. 

Or if you’re feeling a little girly… opt for a flouncier and flirtier option, like this bright blue skirt and bag to match!

Feeling bold? Two words: red pumps. 

2) Solo citron: Obviously, this color is a knockout by itself. A nice short citron garb would be great for daytime wear and easily could be put together into a more night-time appropriate get up. 

A citron romper is a fresh take on the trend that has stretched across years of springs.

3) Statement piece: The color is bold, no doubt. So, if you’re not into tying yourself down to the color completely (or if you’re a neutral girl like me) add a citron piece to slightly jazz up that outfit without causing an internal panic attack. Try a structured citron bag, well fitting blazer or simple pump. Also, for whatever reason–citron is especially well complemented by polka dots and other prints.

According to Instyle, citron is best paired with navy, yellow, tangerine, and pewter. So, make yourself a fresh squeezed lemonade (or adult lemonade, whatever you please) and get outside in one of these perky spring ensembles!


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