Fave Fall Study Spots on Campus

The leaves have begun to change color, it's finally become sweater weather, and everything seems to be ~falling~ in place. Sadly, these happenings also indicate the dawn of the midterm season. Luckily, this is not my first battle with midterm season and this time I've come prepared with some new tricks and study spots! Sometimes all you need is a change of scene, so here are some of the best on-campus study spots that are definitely worth checking out!

1. Kaldi’s 

With two locations now on campus, one in the new student center and the other at the Depot, Kaldi’s is always a staple when it comes to study spots. My favorite part about Kaldi’s is that they serve a variety of food which means that you can stay and grind for hours (even when you don't want to). Both locations have different menus, so not only can you change up the study venue, but also the brain food that fuels your studies. At the student center, my favorite drink is there Roobios chai latte. At the Depot, I absolutely love their ham and sausage hash and their southern grilled cheese. I try my best to save and budget out my Dooley dollars however, I am always willing to splurge for Kaldi’s.

2. Starbucks

This study spot does not need as big a plug, as the beginning of fall drew in the flock of basic girls who've been waiting all year for their PSLs. Contrary to popular belief, they have other drinks - and some of my favorites are the Strawberry Acai/Dragonfruit refreshers. 

3. Ebrik Coffee Room in Emory's Carlos Museum

Ebrik Coffee Room, located on the second floor of Emory's Carlos Museum, is definitely one of campus' hidden gems. The cafe's atmosphere has always been comforting, complete with inspirational quotes on a chalkboard - talk about ~study aesthetics~. I always treat myself to a chai latte, and whatever pastry on display catches my attention. It's refreshing how this cafe is heavily populated with "real adults" instead of the typical Emory student whose study tactics look so stressful that they often cause others stress. Another perk of this spot is its balcony. Whenever I need a breath of fresh air I step outside and look out at the quad, before returning to my studies. 4. Student Center

4. Emory's Student Center (ESC)

The ESC is the perfect on-campus escape. Since its opening, I've renounced my membership to club libs and often find myself retreating to the ESC to study. There are several floors, each with various study spaces and tables accommodate both individual and group work. If you think this could be "the spot" for you, I definitely recommend coming early and reserving a comfy spot next to an outlet so your studies aren't disrupted by that annoying low power warning that flashes on your computer screen.

5. Matheson Reading Room in Woodruff Library

This one is an oldie but a goodie. During my first two years at Emory, I was a frequent visitor to the Matheson Reading Room. This spot is definetly a goto for those of you who need absolute silence in order to effectively study. I also just find its decor very calming, and oddly similar to what I always imagined a college library would look like.