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Burgundy is a huge trend this coming fall. The color looks perfect with a pair of dark olive skinny jeans and a white, chunky knit sweater. Burgundy leather skirts are also becoming a huge trend. If you are like me and opt for an ensemble of all black in the colder months, try wearing a burgundy infinity scarf to lighten up your outfit.  My all-time favorite burgundy piece this fall is by far Rebecca Minkoff’s MAC/Mini MAC bag. While the bags are stylish and versatile, this color allows the purse to truly be noticed.

Over-The-Knee Boots

Yes, this trend seems completely outdated considering my mom has a pair from the 80’s, but this has become one of the most stylish trends of the season. Over-the-knee black suede boots can amp up any outfit. Think of last year’s trend of thigh high socks and riding boots. This is basically the same thing except all in one. Over-the-knee boots are also extremely lengthening for legs, especially when paired with a skirt/dress or skinny jeans.

Sneakers as Formal Wear?

The sneaker trend has been huge for the past few years, and it most definitely is not going away. You know a trend has made it when it appears on numerous Chanel runway shows.  Nowadays, large sneaker brands like Nike have been giving customers the option to create whatever type of sneaker they want through a customization option.  One could make a pair of black leather Nike Free’s or Air Max’s and be completely on-trend for the fall. And the best part of this trend? Your feet will never be more comfortable. 


If you classify your style as laid-back while still being fashionable, shearling is the trend for you. Every fall and winter girls are decked out in either puffer jackets, pea coats, or leather jackets. Why not try something new and go for the shearling trend? It gives off a super relaxed vibe while still being extremely fashion forward and cute. Plus the soft shearling on the inside of the jacket will keep you warm and cozy in the colder months. 


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