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Failproof Secret Santa Gifts

As the fake spider webs were pulled off at the end of October and the last of the turkey and pumpkin-flavored everything was gobbled in November, the world around us suddenly turned white—oh, and red and green because hey, Christmas is coming! Of course, everyone knows that means one main thing: presents! Of course, when you’re in college, Secret Santa is the way to swap gifts. And, in case you’re in search of ideas, look no further. Choose any one of these and everyone around will wish you were their Secret Santa.

1. Cards Against Humanity

Chances are you’ve played this game, laughed so hard that you thought you had abs, and then wished that you owned your own pack of these cards. You’ve also probably heard the old saying, “Do for others what you’d want them to do for you.” Having said that, it’s time to go ahead and get your buddy a pack of Cards Against Humanity. Meanwhile, just pray that someone else reads this article and gets you one, too.

2. Coffee Part I: The Maker

If there’s one thing every college kid’s grateful for, it’s coffee—otherwise known as the lifesaver that gets us through every all-nighter. Given that we’re all college kids without unlimited budgets, excessive coffee consumption can make our pockets pretty thin. So save a friend the trouble and get them an affordable yet classy coffee maker! They’ll thank you when they realize how many Dooley Dollars they’re saving by reducing their Kaldi’s and Starbucks trips.

3. Coffee Part II: The Intake

Seriously though, don’t underestimate the need for coffee. So, what does every coffee (or tea!) drinker need? A mug. Specifically, funny mugs are so much better than those with cutesy sayings. So go wild, let your imagination run free, and buy a mug that is sure to crack anyone up!

4. The Care Package

You know you care, but the question is, do your friends know? Well ho ho ho, because now’s your chance to show it. Throw in some of their favorite foods, accessories, and maybe a CD with their favorite songs to melt your friend’s heart.

5. The Warm and Fuzzy

To me, Christmas means warmth. To be honest, I owe that feeling to my warm and fuzzy pajamas and socks. Nothing says comfort more than sipping hot chocolate in a common room while feeling snug in what you wear. Satin pajamas or woolen pajamas are ideal, but go that extra mile and pick up some fuzzy socks or slippers too! Hey, maybe even go for a onesie. But that one’s on you. (Note: Old Navy has great deals on holiday PJs!)

6. All About That Bass

What kind of celebration is complete without music blasting in the background? So really, this one’s a win-win. Get your friend a portable speaker so they can bring the party wherever they go!


‘Tis the season to be happy and spread that happiness around. No matter what you get from your Secret Santa, it’s always the thought counts.

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