An Emory Girl's Guide to Getting Her Sh*t Done

An Emory Girl’s Guide to Getting Her Sh*t Done

High school is over. Summer is over. College has officially begun…you’re here! Maybe you’ve explored the party scene, from frat row to possibly the infamous Maggie’s. Or, maybe you haven’t, and that’s okay! After all, it’s only the beginning of September, don’t rush it. Truth be told, sh*t’s going to get real. Before you know it, you’ll be in the stacks of Woodruff Library, drowning in assignments, as you fork out all your Dooley Dollars on coffee and overpriced snacks at Peet’s. At 3am we all get a tad desperate. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent---or at least minimize---the horror that comes with an Emory---or any---college workload. Read ahead to master the art of getting sh*t done. Don’t worry, I won’t be mentioning turning off your cellphone, because we all know that’s not going to happen.

1. Wake Up!

Just because your first class begins at 11:30am doesn’t mean you should wake up at 11am. Get into a routine. Try and get 6-8 hours of sleep (my personal sweet spot). Wake up looking forward to your Starbucks and/or Kaldis and/or Peets and/or Green Bean iced coffee, head to the library or your favorite study spot, and get started on any assignments that need working on! This way, you won’t be swamped with work towards the end of the day, and you can go to bed at around 11pm to midnight not feeling utterly bitter the next morning. After all, early bird gets the worm, and this is so true at Emory!

2. Planner, Planner, Planner

I cannot say it enough: buy a friggin’ planner. It will save your life. I carry my planner everywhere with me---at any moment I can write down plans or add another assignment to my to-do list. My planner is my life, and it keeps me from going insane. Being able to visually see what you have to get done keeps you organized and from being forgetful. At Emory, staying on top of your sh*t is key to getting your sh*t done. You can pick up a cute planner at so many stores. The bookstore on campus at the top of Starbucks sells really cute and chic planners, from Kate Spade to Lily Pulitzer. Or, a safe bet is always Target or online! You can find a format that suits you and your schedule to a T.

3. Prioritize

It’s the weekend and your feeling extra confident about the school-week that just ended. However, after every school-week comes another one. All your friends may be hitting up ATL both Friday and Saturday, and then the mall on Sunday. However, this doesn’t work for everyone. Prioritize your academics. Do this by making Saturday a casual workday. Plan with your friends to spend the whole afternoon at Starbucks, sit outside, treat yourself to Falafel King for lunch, and know that you’re utilizing your free weekend time to stay on top of your work and maybe even getting ahead on some of the assignments that are due further down the road! You’ll go to bed feeling soooo much less stressed. “Party Hard, Work Harder” is a good motto to remember when figuring out how to be productive.

4. Milk those resources!

Emory has loads of known, and lesser-known, resources that help students become even better students. Having trouble on your writing assignments for your continued writing requirement? You should make an appointment at Emory’s Writing Center hidden in Callaway, where a tutor will help you edit your paper --- for free!  You’ll get some direction, advice, and tips for overall improvement on your work! If you don’t know already, Emory has a site called ASST where you can make an appointment for a whole range of things that can “assist” you with your work! From academic coaches and learning specialists, to EPASS, which offers an amazing assortment of free, tutoring sessions for classes. I took advantage of it for QTM 100, and with a free class each week per student; it’s an offer you can’t resist. I also recommend professors’ office hours. During these times you can ask questions, get to know your teachers (and vice versa) and really get a sense of what it will take to get that A in the class. Even more, the professor will see the effort you’re putting in and remember your face when entering in your final grade. Effort and energy go a long way in college.

5.Let Loose

This may seem ironic after my topic of “prioritizing”, but nobody can put their academics first 100% of the time. We all need a little bit of time to have fun and relax. So don’t forget to prioritize your sanity and mental health. This means having fun with friends once in a while, and remembering that it’s not always about the destination, but the journey. The journey of college can be h*ll, but it can also be hella fun with awesome friends by your side, and mEmories that will last a lifetime. So on a Saturday take that shuttle to Lenox Mall, complete the trek up Stone Mountain to get that perfect insta-worthy photo with your friends (or SO), and experience all that Atlanta has to offer. We’re here for only four years, so get your sh*t done, and have some fun along the way.