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The Emory Experience: Freshman year at the DUC

The DUC experience is pretty much a synonym for freshman year.  With all those unlimited meal swipes (thanks Emory) and no one your year with a car, the DUC is the place to be.  Her Campus Emory has captured the classic DUC experience.

You get to campus and find out you get unlimited swipes at the one dinning hall. This is Awesome! You get to eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

You discover the cookies, frozen yogurt, and french fries, and see why the freshman 15 is a very real thing.

You too quickly discover the DUC is a social scene and you will somehow run into the exact person you do not want to see…no matter what time you go.

Your first thought is to avoid them and hide.

Then you realize the DUC is a circle and it is impossible to avoid them. So you awkwardly say hi.

Within the second month, you come to an unfortuante conclusion about the food…

Almost everything besides the salad bar, grilled chicken, and cereal grosses you out.

But you can only eat the same salad with chicken so many times, and you feel more and more defeated each time you swipe in.

 You have been craving a bannana all day, but you see they’re all out. Fine, you’ll have some fro-yo instead, but it’s closed…

 When the fro-yo machine isn’t closed your meal is 10% salad 90% frozen yogurt.

You start stuffing your face with snacks when you get back to your dorm because you barely eat anything there anymore.

Just when you think you can’t take it anymore…

They have chickpeas or watermelon and you become (inexplicably) overjoyed!

When you have food off campus or during breaks you appreciate it a little too much.

It’s the end of the year and your days of only eating at the DUC every day are over.

Then you become an uperclassman and someone asks if you want to go to the DUC…

Just remember: Dooley Dollars/ The Point/ Emory Village are your best friends.

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