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Double Layered Necklaces

Why wear one necklace when you can wear two? To many, a necklace is the statement of the outfit; it’s the piece that is supposed to stand out and draw the eye in. So, why not make double the statement?
These days there are so many cute double layered necklaces. Whether you are wearing a solid plain shirt and want a bold necklace, or you’re wearing a busy dress and need a simple and smaller necklace, double it up before you head out that door!


As you can see, both Lively and Olsen went for the bold look proving how easily double layered necklaces can be paired up with any outfit. They each are wearing large beaded statement pieces, while Palermo is rocking a metallic-on-metallic piece that also catches the eye.
You can also go for a smaller and more subtle piece like this Kenneth Cole New York Mod Sculpt Double Layered Pendant Necklace for $38.

Or, if you’re going for a bolder look, check out the big baubles burst from mini baubles on this double layer adornment by Kristina Klarin at Anthropologie for $98.

Not for you? How about this one? This David Aubrey Yesenia double strand necklace featuring two layers of gold, couples with a gorgeous pendant at Max and Chloe for $95.


This Mari Chavez double pendant silver necklace that is a deceptively simple layering piece can be found at Max and Chloe for $121.

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