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The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Dooley’s Ball Outfit

Dooley’s Week is by far the best time to be a student at Emory! Lord Dooley is constantly waiting to provide the mere mortals on our campus with a chance to skip class and participate in some fun. That also means that we have an amazing free concert (hello Chainsmokers!) to attend with all of your friends.

That being said, in the past two weeks, we have had highs in the 80s and lows in the 30s, making dressing for Dooley’s Ball a challenge. But that’s a challenge you can easily face with some planning! Following are the dos and don’ts of outfit planning:

DO: Consult a weather app/bring layers

I know this seems obvious, but dressing for the weather is crucial. If it seems that it will be a cooler day, bring a long sweater and throw it over a tank top and shorts. Layers are perfect in this situation because you will be able to keep warm or cool depending on the ever-changing Atlanta weather. Personally, I recommend flannels because you can pair them with shorts and wear them or tie them around your waist so no matter what you aren’t compromising style.



DON’T: Bundle up

No matter what, you will most likely get hot during the concert. The Chainsmokers practically guarantee a dance party with their upbeat pop anthems, so the activity will most likely keep you warm as well as the large crowd of your fellow peers. While it is good to be prepared for any weather, I would err on the side of needing to keep cool because it is springtime in Atlanta.


DO: Wear shoes you can get messy

McDonough Field hosts the bash of the school year, so keep the same mindset that you would have when dressing for an outdoor festival, such as Music Midtown. There is a strong possibility that you might get a little dirty, especially if there is rain involved. This means that your feet are going to get the brunt of it, so while I don’t recommend wearing anything that you are attached to, I really don’t suggest wearing nice shoes. Beat up converse are my go-to for concerts: comfy and cool.


DON’T: Wear sandals

In the event of a crowd jam session (or a mosh pit, you never know), sandals turn into your worst enemy. There is always someone who gets their toes stepped on or a shoe gets lost in the abyss of people. Just avoid the pain of other’s feet and the heartache of losing half of your favorite pair of summertime sandals and wear closed-toed shoes.


DO: Bring a small bag

Using a small bag, clutch, cross-body, or fanny pack can make Dooley’s Ball much better. Keep your student ID, phone, money, and emergency concealer or lipstick all in one place and then keep track of your purse. Personally, I find that there are fewer mishaps with a cross-body bag or fanny pack because you can jam out without worrying about losing your purse.


DON’T: Bring backpacks or large purses

Large bags are strictly prohibited from Dooley’s Ball, so only bring the necessities (after all you’re still on campus), and keep your purse small. You can even hold your cross-body so it looks like a clutch when you go through security. Regardless, they won’t let you take large bags in, so leave them at home and enjoy the lack of bulk! Also another thing to keep in mind is that they check all bags upon entering McDonough Field, so you won’t be able to sneak anything past security.


DO: Enjoy!

This is an incredibly fun time for Emory students, so just have fun and enjoy a free concert!

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